Love, sex and hospice, comic, 2019

Vide-dressing, Port franc 2019

People of  Zürich, personal work, 2019

The perks of Spotify, comic, 2018

Postcard graduation film Braises, 2018

Illustrations for the webzine « La fribune »

Sketchbook, 2017-2018

Flush, Kosmos Vertikal, 2019

Impressions of Paris, personal work, 2019

Birthday wishes for kitties, personal work

Talking nipple, personal work, 2019

No Janet.. It’s 10 am. Personal work, 2018

Research drawings about the perks of pregnancy for Nestlé, 2016

Vide-dressing impressions, Port franc 2019

Chilling muses, personal work, 2019

Dystopia, personal work, 2018

Styleframes/Chara. Design, Braises, 2018

Live drawing, Bern, 2018

Wedding card, personal work, 2017

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