Braises teaser

Graduation film

2D animation, Estelle Gattlen & Sarah Rothenberger, 2018

Eva is a young woman about to leave her home to start her life as an adult in the city.

More about the project.



Experimental Animation, Estelle Gattlen, Sarah Rothenberger & Valentine Moser, 2017

Le train train quotidien

Projection on model, Estelle Gattlen, Valentine Moser & Loïc Kreyden, 2016

Petit Poisson

Ident for Cartoon Network

2D animation, Estelle Gattlen, Sarah Rothenberger & Laércio Mabota, 2017

Petit creux

2D animation, Estelle Gattlen, 2016



Stopmotion, Estelle Gattlen & Valentine Moser, 2015


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