Braises Teaser, Graduation film, 2018

Estelle Gattlen & Sarah Rothenberger

Eva is a young woman about to leave her home to start her life as an adult in the city. Determined, she is waiting at the bus stop.

But torn between her memories, hopes and fears, she starts to doubt herself.


Loin, Experimental Animation

Estelle Gattlen, Sarah Rothenberger & Valentine Moser

HSLU 2017

Le train train quotidien, projection on model

Estelle Gattlen, Valentine Moser & Loïc Kreyden

Projection on model, HSLU 2016

Petit Poisson, Ident for Cartoon Network

Estelle Gattlen, Sarah Rothenberger & Laércio Mabota

Animation 2D, HSLU 2017

Petit creux

Estelle Gattlen

Animation 2D, 2016


Estelle Gattlen & Valentine Moser

Stopmotion, HSLU 2015

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