Bleue is a collaboration with Nousprod. I had carte blanche to transform this true story of a victim of domestic violences into a visual short film. Bleue is part of a series of 7 animated short films. You can find them all here.

The raft of the useless- Stephan Eicher video tour

What do musicians do when they can't play? What does it take to put on a concert? What is the value of culture for you?

With Voilàcollective we had the joy to make this video for the great Stephan Eicher and his band. This introduction to their upcoming tour also highlights the critical situation for musicians, who more than ever need to create. 
Directed and animated by Sarah Rothenberger , Hannes Oehen and Estelle Gattlen

CO2 footprint, what is it?
Video for the german TV show Löwenzahn


What is a CO2 footprint? How can we reduce it? Answering these questions and explaining an abstract concept such as ecological impact was a great challenge thrown to us by the German educative television show Löwenzahn. In a 2 minutes long animated sequence, we explain to children how our everyday actions impact the world around us.

Director/Design/Animation: Estelle Gattlen
Compositing/Animation: Hannes Oehen
Additional Animation: Sarah Rothenberger

Covid 19, which supports for the culture, Volume 2?


The Covid is still there. The need for financial help too. Once again, I had the pleasure to create a video explaining the different supports available for people working in culture. I hope you'll enjoy it and that it will help you.

Thanks again Suisseculture sociale for the trust and the creative freedom.

Click here for the german version & here for the italian version

Film: Estelle Gattlen
Sounddesign: Aline Schoch
Musik: Rosanna Zünd

Covid 19, which supports for the culture?


Do you work in the field of culture in Switzerland? Has Covid 19 and its consequences frozen your income? You don't know how/where/when to find help?

Don’t panic. We’ll explain you everything. 

Here is an explainer made for Suisseculture sociale concerning the helps available in the field of culture.

Script, storyboard, design, direction & animation: Estelle Gattlen
Sound: Loïc Kreyden
Music: Luzius Bauer

Click here for the german version & here for the italian version

Myself, SSI plateforme introduction


Becoming an adult is hard. Becoming an adult when you turn 18, alone, in a foreign country, is way much harder. With its platform MYSELF, the SSI (service social international suisse) will help unaccompanied migrants in Switzerland to navigate through adulthood.

I had the chance to be part of this incredible project and to create this introduction video. It was a really fun time working on that! I hope you'll enjoy it.

Script, storyboard, design, direction, animation: Estelle Gattlen
additional animation: Sarah Rothenberger
Sounddesign & Mix: Loïc Kreyden
Music: Luzius Bauer

Glühwein (hot wine)
Hot wine, snow and friends. 
Glühwein is part of the 2019 Swiss animated advent calendar on instagram. 
Script, storyboard, design, animation: Estelle Gattlen
Sounddesign: Estelle Gattlen & Alex

Braises (teaser)


Eva is a young woman about to leave her home to start her life as an adult in the city. Determined, she is waiting at the bus stop. 

But torn between her memories, hopes and fears, she starts to doubt herself.

Graduation film by Sarah Rothenberger & Estelle Gattlen

Music: Christoph Scherbaum

Sounddesign: Thomas Gassmann & Giulia Schlüchter

click here to watch the film

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